Apprenticeship at Carl Banks florist

Florists use their creativity and knowledge of plants and flowers to design and assemble flower arrangements. They also design bouquets and wreaths. If you love plants and flowers, and you have artistic talents, this could be the career you are looking for. 

To be a florist, you should have good practical skills. You will need the ability to explain your ideas to customers. You will also need a helpful and pleasant manner.

The best way to become a florist is to find work with a business and train on the job, completing college and work-based qualifications.



  • prepare flowers for formal displays, set up displays, for example at conferences or exhibitions
  • work alongside experience staff
  • advise customers on how to look after the flowers or plants they buy
  • attend college one day per week
  • gain job specific skills
  • make up bouquets and arrangements based on your own ideas, design books and your customers' requirements
  • personally deliver orders
  • earn a wage and get paid holiday pay
  • compete in world recognised competitions



You would work shop hours, including Saturdays and possibly Sundays. You may need to start work very early in the mornings to buy stock, and work extra hours to make sure that orders are completed on time - especially at peak periods such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.



The starting salary for apprenticeship florists is usually around the national minimum wage at (£3.40 - £4.00). Over the following two years, training as a junior florist salaries will increase

October 24, 2015 by Richard May